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About Flexxocover gastight
The Flexxocover gas tight silocover is a high quality product which can be assembled on practically any available concrete or steel tank in the market, with a diameter up to ø45 m. For each silo we calculate all relevant forces on the silowall and the bottom and we engineer the detailed construction of the connection between silocover and silowall. Aside from providing a fully gastight cover it also prevents your storage silo from diluting due to water or snow. The gastight Flexxocover is calculated for each project based on the local circumstances regarding to the wind- and snowload.
Due to the special design of the wall connection it is possible to retension several times during the lifespan of the Flexxocover to prevent harmful water accumulation.The gastight Flexxocover has a gastight topconstruction and gastight man openings. To make the connection between the silocover and the silowall gastight we integrate a gastight liner which is welded to the roof on one side and connected to the silowall by stainless steel or hardwood bars on the other side.
We also deliver silocovers in normal execution and silocovers with a gastight undermembrane ('long').
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Why the Flexxocover gastight?
Afbeelding invoegen  Gastight, standard available for operation pressures between –0.5 and +3.5 mbar, gas permeation < 450  l/
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 Heavy polyester fabric with a PVC coating on both sides, 900 g /m2, 4200/4000 N/5 cm, optional heavier  fabrics available, UV-resistant
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 All roofs are supplied with static calculations which are appropriate for your license application
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 Hardwood center column, made of FSC-certified wood, or optionally stainless steel AISI-316
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 Mountable on nearly all concrete and steel tanks
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 Suited for all European snow and wind zones
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 Standard available in diameters of upto ø35 meters, and on special request upto ø45 meters

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