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About Flexxocover with gastight under membrane 
The cover with gastight under membrane serves as a permanent, securely closed cover for fermenters and other (bio)gas tanks. The Flexxocover can be mounted on almost every commercial available silo of steel or concrete up to a diameter of 40 m. The Flexxocover will be calculated on your local circumstances in respect of wind and snow. 
The Flexxocover with gastight under membrane consists of two membranes, each with different functions. Protected below is the actual gas storage space. The under membrane starts lifting from its lowest position as soon as the force realized by the biogas pressure is larger than the force realized from the weight of the inner membrane. The air between the lower membrane and the silocover flows freely in and out the designated area through the breathing openings. The upper membrane serves as a protecting membrane to keep the gas free from weather influences like Ultraviolet, rain, snow and wind. 
Our sales management would like to show you all the details of the product, based on all-round market experience, whereby our product has the best quality-price ratio. 
We also deliver silocovers in normal execution and gastight silocovers with single membrane
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Why the Flexxocover with gastight under membrane? 

Afbeelding invoegen The membranes are suitable for use with all common NAWARO products in compliance with the specifications of the  membranes
Afbeelding invoegen  Material is resistant to Ultraviolet
Afbeelding invoegen  Heavy polyester fabric with a PVC coating on both sides, 900 g/m2, 4200/4000 N/5 cm. Resistant to UV-  radiation  and gases and vapours which occur in the storage of all types of manure
Afbeelding invoegen   All roofs are supplied with static calculations which are appropriate for your license application
Afbeelding invoegen  Hardwood center column, if requested made of FSC-certified wood, or made of stainless steel AISI-316
Afbeelding invoegen  Mountable on nearly all concrete and steel tanks
Afbeelding invoegen  Suited for all European snow and wind zones


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