Manure bag - Flexxobag


About Flexxobag
The Flexxobag can be delivered with a volume from 100 m³ upto 7.000 m³, and is made of a special ca. 1100  gr/m² foil with KIWA certificate. The unique shape of the Flexxobag is the result of using 3D-design techniques, fully automated CNC cutting and is welded together with the most high quality welding techniques. The intermediate- and final inspections guarantee a 100 % water and slurry tight solution. The Flexxobag is mounted between 4 earth banks. To make sure that the Flexxobag will empty almost complete there is a slight slope towards the middle. A complete pipework is mounted under the Flexxobag for filling and emptying the Flexxobag. 
The Flexxobag can also be executed with mechanically of electrically driven stirrer systems. See typical mixing simulations on the right.
The Flexxobag will be fixed to the earth banks by using stainless steel poles and elastic cords, secured in height on 3 places with a distance of generally 250 cm.To avoid the accumulation of air and gases in the Flexxobag, the Flexxobag will be equipped with venting valves. The Flexxobag is equipped  standard with 1 opening/manhole (120 * 120 cm). Optionally it is possible to pre-install the required quantity of mixer openings/manholes. 
The provided warranty is 5 years, with an estimated lifespan of 15 years. The Flexxobag offered is suitable for  all types of manure and digestate from so called NaWaRo systems, or otherwise indicated.

Why the Flexxobag?
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 Can be used for the storage of every kind of liquid ( from slurry or manure to liquids as jetfuel)
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 Easy to install and dismantle; easy to fill and empty
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 Can be delivered from 100 m³ up to 7.000 m³
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 Easy mixing possibility ( mechanic and electric)
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 Can be installed on every type of earth /soil
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 KIWA certified under number K67985/03. This product can also be supplied according DIBT (Germany) or  SSAFO (United Kingdom)


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