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About Flexxosphere
Our Flexxosphere gasholder is designed to store gases as biogas, generated from anaerobic digestion of organic waste. The inner and outer membrane of the gas holder are made of a 900 g/m² biogas resistant PVC foil and produced with hot air and/or high frequency welding techniques. The connection of the 2 separate membranes will be fixed to the concrete foundation by stainless steel pre-bended strips. A PP ventilator (300 or 800 m³/hour) with an ATEX-motor takes care of a pressure of approximately 2 mbar between the 2 membranes. 
The Flexxosphere is designed for operating pressure between 0 mbar (laying on bottom surface) and +15.0 mbar and can withstand a temporary pressure of up to +20.0 mbar. Higher pressures are available upon your request. 
On the bottom a biogas resistant PVC coated protection foil is positioned to assure gas tightness and prevent possible rubbing of the inner membrane.  
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 Operating pressures: 0 mbar up to +20.0 mbar; optional up to +50.0 mbar
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 Material: two sided PVC coated polyester fabric


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