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About our service
Flexxolutions owns the newest technology avalaible in the market, a FLIR GF-320 gascamera, to detect in-situ leakages in biogas plants. Using this technology, combined with our many years experience on designing, producing, assembling and servicing of roofs and covers in biogas plants all over the world we can check your plant and confirm the gas tightness of roofs and covers. When requested we can produce a test report including all relavant testing pictures and movies on an USB-stick. When leakages are expected we can additionaly provide an experienced mechanic to repair the found leakages, either temporarily or finally, during this measurement. After this repair a new leakage measurement can prove the achieved gas tightness.
Our measurements can be executed on each type of roof, own or alternative make and additionally on all overland pipes, equipment and gas motor.


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