Flexible storage tank - Flexxotank



About Flexxotank
The Flexxotank is a high quality flexible storage tank of the pillow type, which  can be used for storage of almost every liquid.

Based on the technical specification of your liquid and it's chemical activity we design  the Flexxotank with the optimum foil, either a PVC,  TPU or otherwise coated fabric.  Our engineers design and calculate by use of modern 3D-CFD computertechniques  your optimum storage solution.
The Flexxotank can be used as a temporary or permanent solution for your storage  problem. A Flexxotank can be put on the ground without any special measures and doesn't need support on the sidewalls. 

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Why the Flexxotank?
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 Suitable for most liquids, from (drinking) water to oil or fuel
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 No assembly required, just unpack and ready-for-use
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 Can be equipped with numerous different types of connections
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 By use of gamma radiation the tank can be made 100% sterile for drinking water storage
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 Available in volumes of 1 up to 2.000 m3. Other dimensions are available on request

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