Covering systems

Flexxolutions delivers covering systems in normal execution, gastight execution and delivers double membrane roofs for the biogas industry. Detailed descriptions of the products can be found by clicking below: 



A high quality silocover, mountable on nearly all concrete or steel tanks upto 52 m. This roof reduces the emission of gas by more than 95% and prevents dilution of the stored products by rain/snow.
A gastight silocover, foreseen of a gastight topconstruction, and gastight man openings. This cover is mountable on nearly all concrete or steel tanks upto  45 m. 
The Flexxocover with gastight under membrane serves as a permanent, securely closed cover for (bio)gas tanks. Can be mounted on nearly steel or concrete tanks up to a diameter of 40 m. 
DOuble MEmbrane Roof for the biogas industry. This roof combines a maximum of storage capacity with an optimal design to be able to deal with external effects like snow and wind.  
A safety pressure valve, designed to release gas or allow air to enter biogas installations, gastight silo's or manure storage bags. This valve is certified by TV Rheinland! 
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