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About Flexxosilo
The moveable frame is build from a galvanised steel structure on wheels with brakes. Although we produce the FLEXXOSILO in standard dimensions we can design a solution for your demands as well. Flexxosilo is specially designed for temporary storage, storage of small quantities or flexible internal transport of light bulky products. Keywords can be testing batches, special colors and special charges or temporary storage of restcharges.
Flexxosilo is the solution for storage of light particles, like expanded foams and chips (EPS, EPE, EPP), small particles (bottles, caps), but also for cattle feed, wood particles and many other powders and grains. Per storage type we design the right kind of material, either gas- or vapour permeable or gas- or vapourtight, anti-static or aerated fabric. Even customer-specific combinations of fabrics and/or production techniques are possible. 
The assembly of the Flexxosilo can be done with the detailed description by your own technical staff. After use the frame can be collapsed in little over one minute by the on-board winch till a frame with a width of less than 40 cm. In this way you can store upto 6 Flexxosilo's on a floor space of one silo only. 
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