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 Passion for innovation 
Flexxolutions has years of broad experience in the development of innovative products and customer-specific engineering, producing and mounting of covering and storage systems made of technical textile for gases, liquids and solids.
Products made of technical textile are being used in several different markets. We serve the agricultural and biogas industry with covering and storage solutions. Next to that, our disinfection mats are of great value in the food industry, greenhouse industry and hospitals. We also participate in social responsibility. We have set up a WASH program which includes drinking water- , sanitation and hygiene solutions in refugee camps.  
  We strive to deliver the best possible product to the customer related to an acceptable price level. We believe the quality of the product can be optimized when keeping all activities in our own hands. It all begins with the procurement of the right components. Our development department ensures by thorough testing under realistic circumstances that only the best materials are used in our products and our engineers design the products for your system in high quality 3D programs like SolidWorks. All necessary manufacturing techniques as tailoring in cutting (CADCAM-CNC cutting) and welding (as well thermal as high frequency) are present in our own factory. Finally, one of our own experienced assembly teams comes to your project location to assemble or install your product. In this way we can deliver the best quality in the shortest possible lead time!
We have a passion for innovation! Every day we are improving our current products and procedures and are developing new innovative products. We think about how to come up with new solutions for your covering or storage challenges. Next to innovating our products, we also innovate our production and services. We continuously arouse our employees to satisfy their customer, external or internal, to become noted as the best in the market!
We are certified by Dutch certifying company KIWA for the production of textile systems (K73883) and we are organized according our quality management system, which satisfies the norms of ISO 9001:2015. 


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